Current Opportunities

Sales, Technical, Management, Executive



    • capital equipment (New Jersey, Connecticut/Long Island, West Coast (confidential))
    • industrial pnuematics (Kansas City, Chicago)


    • structural engineer (Central Nebraska)
    • water/wastewater engineer (Des Moines)
    • HVAC sales engineer (Sioux City, Eastern Iowa)
    • construction materials and inspection engineer (Omaha)
    • solid waste engineer (Sioux Falls, Des Moines)
    • electrical BIM designer - MEP (Des Moines)
    • electrical engineer - MEP (Houston)
    • survey crew chief - (Des Moines)


    • engineering manager (Central Nebraska)
    • pneumatics service tech (Kansas City, Chicago)

Featured Positions

  • water/wastewater enginer (Des Moines)
  • solid waste engineer (Des Moines, Sioux Falls)
  • capital equipment sales (New Jersey)
  • capital equipment sales (Connecticut/Long Island)
  • land surveyor (Des Moines)
  • MEP electrical engineer (Houston)
  • transportation engineer (Lincoln)
  • construction materials and inspection engineer (Omaha)
  • project manager - mechanical contracting (Eastern Nebraska)
  • BIM electrical designer (Des Moines)
  • structural engineer (Central Nebraska)
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